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I have been reviewing ice makers, fridges, and ice-related products for several years now, and one of the questions that I get a lot is, what do you think of ...

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These days, like all other kinds of tech, ice makers have really advanced in recent years and now you can get restaurant- and bar-quality ice in your own home ...

Summer seems to be on its way, but with it could come more restrictions than normal. In a year where kids may not quite get to have the holiday they usually ...

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If properly maintained, your portable ice maker should last for many years and be a great benefit to your home. Check out the video below which I made ...

This Euhomy Portable Ice Maker produces cubed, clear ice and is a perfect addition to your home. I recently received this ice maker as a sample from Euhomy ...

So, you’re thinking about getting into freeze drying. This is a great idea. Did you know that freeze dried foods can last as long as 25 years? They don’t ...

The Midea MRC04M3AWW is a solid chest freezer that offers a ton of helpful features for everyday life. It comes in three sizes: 3.5 cubic feet, 5.0 cubic ...

Every time I think about summer, I think about those awesome pool parties, BBQ’s and family gatherings in the back yard! It’s always a great time to get ...

There used to be a time when foods were easy to sort. Pasta and cans went into the cupboard. Fresh fruit and milk went into the refrigerator, and anything ...

It might seem a contradictory effort to dry and defrost a machine that you want ice from, but there’s good reason to go through the process of defrosting an ...

Your refrigerator’s ice maker water dispenser provides a convenient way of staying hydrated. Unknown to many individuals, a water dispenser can collect and ...

I recently received a sample product of Flurdia’s plumbed water and ice dispenser and thought I would share my findings. As always, my reviews are honest, ...

If your ice maker is giving you the cold shoulder, don’t worry! Now and again it’s normal for an ice maker to misbehave. You might find that there’s no ice ...

After you safely move your fridge from one location to another, it’s important to let it sit for about 6 hours to let everything settle and avoid damage. If ...

Breast-feeding mothers have to be aware that life isn’t always compatible with feeding times. There are times that you’ll need to store your milk in a freezer ...

If you have an ice maker that produces ice that tastes or smells funny, it actually could be a straightforward fix. Believe it or not, this is a question that ...

Portable ice makers are a perfect addition to your home or office. The ability to have ice whenever you need or want it is why I purchased a portable ice ...

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  1. No. You would have to purchase a small commercial unit.

  2. If it won’t get cold, then it’s probably the compressor. I would send it back.

  3. If it won’t get cold then it’s probably the compressor. I would send it back.

  4. They seem to come and go on Amazon.

    Check out the Whynter UIM-155 Stainless Steel Built-In Ice Maker on Amazon for a comparable option.

    Check out the Whynter on Amazon here.

  5. It would be a sensor.

  6. It could have leaked all of the freon out of the unit.

  7. All you can do is run the mold cleaner through the unit repeatedly until the cleaning cycle kills the mold.

    Make sure that when you store the ice maker away each year, you clean and dry it. This is one of the main reasons mold grows on portable ice makers. The best way to tackle a mold issue is to prevent it from happening in the first place.

  8. The fan could be clogged with dirt and dust. You can try blowing it out and seeing if that makes a difference.

  9. Hi, it sounds like your compressor is not running the full cycle. Something is telling the compressor to turn off before making a full cycle of ice. You could try resetting it by turning it off for a couple of minutes and then trying it again. Your manual may say how to reset your particular ice maker. If it was me, I would call support or return it to the store.

  10. If your ice maker is making ice, but the sweeper isn’t moving then it’s an issue with the sweeeper. If the unit isn’t producing ice at all then it has a faulty board, compressor, or all of the above. You should contact support for Igloo or return the unit.

  11. It sounds like the ice maker has a compressor issue. You should return the unit for a new one.

  12. Sounds like an issue with your compressor. You need to return the unit or call support.

  13. Though portable ice makers are designed to run all day and night, it wouldn’t make sense to run the unit when no one is there to use the ice. I’m not sure if I would drain the water out every day, but it’s good to keep fresh water inside the unit for making ice, especially because you’re a business. Stale water produces bad-tasting ice. You could probably change the water every 2 days.

  14. You would have to purchase another unit. They do not sell ice buckets seperate.

  15. I would send it to FirstBuild for repairs. It sounds like pump issues.

  16. Please send us your ice maker brand and model.

  17. I would recommend you send the Opal back for repairs. If the unit is leaking internally, then it’s probably a hose that’s disconnected or a crack inside.

  18. It’s not supposed to do that! I’d check the two hoses on the back of the unit to make sure that they’re tight. If they are, something may have gotten damaged in transit. You will have to call NewAir and tell them about it.

  19. You would have to run a cleaner through the unit so that it can clean it.

  20. It’s the problem with the VEVOR ice makers. If you need parts, they are extremely hard to find.

  21. I am not sure, it’s not listed.

  22. They produce the same type of ice. The differences are not in the ice that it produces, but the design and amount of nugget it produces.

  23. I would send it back. If the water is running and the system is going through the ice cycle then it’s something that isn’t worth fixing. Send it back to the manufacturer right away.

  24. It is difficult to find parts for VEVOR ice makers and ice cream makers.

  25. It’s still in production.

  26. If the water is low then the sound you’re hearing is the water pump trying to pull water. If it’s not taking water from the side tank, then I would make sure that it’s installed correctly. You can also call Opal and talk to them about possible issues. It sounds like it’s new, so it would be under warranty.

  27. Make sure you’re producing ice in room temperature and that the ice maker is out of direct sunlight.

  28. It sounds like a bad sensor. I would begin by giving it a really good cleaning. Check out my cleaning article here.

  29. Sounds like this ice maker has a blown compressor. You can check to see if it’s getting cold, or if there is a coolant link somewhere on the unit. I would recommend you purchase a new one.

  30. A safe estimate would be 4 to 5 years.

  31. You should keep it unplugged and take it to a professional. Depending on the age of the portable ice maker, you should probably consider replacing it.

  32. This ice maker only produces nugget ice. There are no ice makers that will produce three different types of ice. Portable ice makers will produce either nugget ice, clear ice or bullet-shaped ice and it doesn’t switch between the three. Portable ice makers that produce bullet-shaped ice, often will produce three ice sizes, but will never switch to different types.

  33. This is a difficult one to diagnose. In my experience, it would seem that the ice maker control board has malfunctioned and it’s not allowing it to complete the cycle. Depending on the age of the unit, it may be time for a replacement.

  34. You need to clean it. Chick here to read more.

  35. Sounds like your sensor malfunctioned. I would do a thorough cleaning of the unit with something that will dissolve any hard water. If that doesn’t solve the problem, I suggest you purchase a new ice maker.

  36. The ice in the ice maker doesn’t have a freezer, so it’s slowly melting. When you throw that ice in the freezer, that melted ice freezes again, and sticks to the other pieces of ice. You can just break the ice by dropping the bag of ice on the ground or hit it with a mallet.

  37. This sounds like a malfunction in the mechanics of the ice maker. It’s difficult to completely diagnoses the issue with your Frigidaire countertop ice maker, but in our experience, it’s too much to repair. You’re better to purchase a new one (Get our top countertop ice makers here). You could try to reset the unit, if there is a reset button on your model. Best of luck.

  38. You do not need to carry it to a sink. This ice maker has a water reservoir, and all you have to do is use a pitcher of water, and pour water into the reservoir until you reach the fill line. This ice maker will create nugget ice which will fall into the ice bin. As the nugget ice melts, the water drips back into the water reservoir to make more ice. There is no need of any hook up or water lines.

    For fitting under your cabinetry, you’ll need about 2 feet clearance.

  39. We are not given that type of information. I can say that the NewAir Clear40 is a nice alternative. You can read more about it on here.

  40. I know how frustrating that can be. I am not sure how old this ice maker is, but it sounds like something only a professional can fix. I would start by cleaning the unit with a descaling solution. It’s hard to diagnoses it online, but something like that sounds like an electronic issue that is probably not worth fixing. You may want to consider purchasing a new unit instead of the money you’d pay to fix it. You can check out my top choices for a portable ice make here.

  41. It sounds like the pump has failed. I suggest you purchase a new unit. You can check out our top choices here.

  42. We didn’t have to take anything apart.

  43. If you are an ice chewer than you should invest in the NewAir Countertop ice maker. It makes Nugget ice which is great for chewing. Click here to read our review and get a coupon code.

  44. Yes. It does.

  45. That’s great news! It’s also awesome information to share with our readers. Thanks for sharing!

  46. Sounds like the gears are slipping or damaged. I would call Whynter’s customer support for more help.

  47. Make sure nothing is causing it to stick. It may also be good to give it a good cleaning, as well as descale the unit.

  48. Sounds like the compressor blew from the power outage. It’s best just to replace the unit.

  49. It sounds like a faulty sensor. I would contact opal support, and tell them the problem.

  50. It’s normally a standard ice maker supply line. Most of the time, this is included with the ice maker.

  51. This is not recommended.

  52. You need to contact the manufacturer or the retailer.

  53. You can buy the powder from Amazon or any retailer that sells commercial ice cream makers.

  54. Check out this Repair Clinic for help.

  55. It could be the water filter. I would contact Opal and get them to diagnose the issue.

  56. I would personally replace the filter.

  57. Sounds like the fan to me. This can be replaced or you may want to look at replacing the whole unit if the ice maker is old. Newer ice makers are going to be more efficient. Click here – these guys will be able to help you out.

  58. The product dimensions are 11.2×14.4×13.8 inches

  59. You can check out my top portable ice makers by clicking here.

  60. The orange film is grim that’s forms on an ice maker over time. You can use an ice maker cleaner and run it through the ice cycle and see if that cleans it. Some ice makers can be taken apart and this gives you access to clean the water cup. My portable ice maker is large enough that I can get a cloth in the cup and wipe it down, then I rinse it down with warm water.

  61. If your compressor is the problem, then the water will not freeze.

  62. It sounds like the pump. I would contact Frigidaire for more information. If the unit is less than one year, then it will be under warranty.

  63. I would run the Opal cleaner through the machine several times and see if this clears out the hoses. You shouldn’t have to replace the hoses. If this doesn’t solve the problem, I would use a stronger mold killer and run it through the unit.

  64. It sounds like either two things to me. That the compressor isn’t working correctly or there is something malfunctioning with a sensor. If it’s the compressor I would advise you purchase a new ice maker. You can give it a good cleaning to see if a sensor is dirty and not working right.

  65. You’re always welcome. I hope that it helps.

  66. It’s probably better to use distilled water for clearer ice. This is a great unit and I am glad that you like it.

  67. I choose Amazon because of the return policy. The VEVOR company is a Chinese company that makes a wide variety of household items. The only problem I have with VEVOR is that if your unit breaks then getting replacement parts is almost impossible. With that being said, they are much cheaper units then the others listed.

  68. It shouldn’t matter.

  69. Both the Sentern and the Luma Comfort IM200SS portable ice makers weigh the same at 25 lbs. It’s not the heaviest ice maker on the market, but I wouldn’t want to be carrying it around a lot. The ice quality for both of these machines (Sentern and Luma) are the same. They produce clear cubes of ice that often need to be broken apart to use. These are both great units. It all comes down to how much ice you want. The Luma only produces 26lbs of ice a day, and the Sentern Portable Ice Maker produces 48 lbs of ice each day. Personally, I would go for the unit that produces the most ice that way I am covered if I have company. You can check out the price of the Senern Portable Ice Maker on Amazon here.

  70. The best portable ice maker for producing clear ice is the Luma Comfort IM200SS. This unit is great, and makes 28 lbs of restaurant-quality clear ice each day. I have been using this unit for some time, and love it to pieces. If you want to learn more about this portable ice maker, click here and head over to my review.

  71. I am not sure what you mean by bounce tank . . .

  72. The directions should be on the back of the bottle.

  73. Check out the article here. These are all under-the-counter ice makers that I personally recommend. These ice makers will certainly meet your need.

  74. You can run a mold cleaner through the ice cycle.

  75. There is only one countertop ice maker that produces nugget ice and that’s the Opal Nugget Ice Maker.

  76. This is common for cheaper ice makers. The parts to replace are worth more than the actual ice maker. At that point, it’s better to purchase a new ice maker.

  77. This sounds like the board of the unit is faulty. If your ice maker is under warranty then you need to have it sent away for repairs. If your ice maker is not under warranty then I suggest that you begin to look for a new unit. You can check out our comprehensive buyers guide.

  78. Unfortunately, the only ice maker that’s available to purchase for making nugget or sonic ice that’s not a commercial unit is the Opal Nugget Ice Maker.

  79. The VEVOR ice maker is a good unit but the biggest downside is the unit has a poor written manual. This is because the product is manufactured in China. The PROS for this product is that it’s a quality ice maker for the price, and the CONS is that the manual is terrible. You have to take time and play with it and try to figure it out. You can use their website ( and contact them directly for warranty information or the retailer.

  80. Sounds like the water pump is shot. If my diagnosis is correct is it better for you to purchase a new unit.

  81. Sure. I will work on that right away.

  82. There are a couple of options or you.

    First of all, take a look at the KUPPET 2 in 1 Countertop Ice Maker Water Dispenser. This is a solid ice maker that gives you the water dispenser and the ice dispenser. A larger model (more on the commercial end) would this Ice & Water Dispenser. This is a great unit and it produces 300 lbs of ice each day.

    If you are looking for a smaller unit you could check out the NutriChef Ice Maker and Dispenser. This unit produces 33 lbs of ice each day, It’s easy to clean and operate and produces 2 different ice sizes.

    I hope this is helps you out. I added links to Amazon With the best prices available. Cheers.

  83. Hey Trevor, thanks for reaching out to

    I am not familiar of any shops in Melbourne that can repair your ice maker. Depending on the type of ice maker that you have replacing it is often the best solution. I would suggest calling up some local repair shops and ask them if they will diagnose the problem for free. This way you can determine if repairing it is worth your money.

  84. Hey Laura,

    Unfortunately, that sounds like a compressor problem. If the ice maker is under warranty, I would contact the manufacturer right away and have them take a look at the problem. If the ice maker is older, then it’s probably time to purchase an new ice maker. I would recommend checking out our comprehensive buyers guide.

  85. To answer your question about the side tank, the piece I believe you are referring to is not a removable part.

  86. It’s 110V

  87. The difference in energy charges would be pretty small. We don’t notice a difference on our electric bill at all and it’s running all of the time. Having your own ice maker, and having the ability to make ice on demand is a real game changer.

  88. All of the VEVOR ice makers operate the same. Which model do you have?

  89. Yes. This would work great. You just have to purchase the ice cream mixture.

  90. You need to contact Opal at so they can resolve this issue

  91. (Edited) Originally, I posted that there were no portable ice makers that produce nugget ice, at the time, that was true. Now you can purchase the NewAir Countertop Nugget Ice Maker that produces 40 pounds of ice each day, and the first batch of ice is ready in 5 minutes. You can check it out here.

  92. There are different ice makers that produce different shape ice such as nugget ice. The Opal Nugget Ice Maker is a great unit for producing nugget ice which are small nuggets of ice produced by compressed ice shavings. Nugget ice is easy to chew and absorbs the flavour of your beverage. Most portable ice makers will produce bullet-shaped ice. If you are looking for an ice maker that also is a water dispenser then you can take a look at these units. As far as I know, there are no ice makers that produce slush. You would have to invest in an ice slushy maker.

  93. You can use regular water if you don’t have extremely hard water. You may have to descale your unit if you begin to see hard water deposits.

  94. Parts are available for this ice maker. You can contact the manufacturer directly for more information.

  95. I would suggest purchasing an under the counter ice maker with a build-in freezer such as the Whynter MIM-14231SS. This under the counter ice maker produces 23 lbs of crescent ice every day and stores 12 lbs of ice with an automatic shut off when the ice bin is full.

    The Smad Portable Commercial Ice Maker is a built-in front venting ice maker that produces 12 lbs of ice each day and will store 6 lbs of ice. This is a great high-efficiency, stainless steel unit that would make a great ice maker for any apartment or home.

    Another option that you could consider would be a portable ice maker. I wrote a great article on portable ice makers that keep ice frozen here.

    I hope this helps.


  96. No. This ice maker has an insulated ice bin, but the ice will eventually melt and drip back into the water reservoir. If you are looking for an ice maker that keeps your ice frozen then take a look at the article here.

  97. The Opal Nugget Ice Maker is a great ice maker. It’s nugget ice is high-quality and the overall unit is classy and built to last. I have not had any problems with this ice maker since I purchased it on Amazon several months ago.

  98. There is no portable ice makers that make clear ice available on the market, yet! The best solution is to purchase a great portable clear ice maker like the Luma Comfort IM200SS Machine from Amazon, purchase some freezer bags from Amazon as well, and when the portable ice maker is full just transfer the ice to the freezer. This is a simple way of enjoying great clear ice and keeping it frozen at the same time.

  99. This could be a sensor issue, water line issue or water pump issue. You could make sure the unit is clean and that the pump is working correctly. You could also make sure there is no leak in the water hose. If you cannot find any obvious reasons for the lack of water, our recommendation is bring it to a professional for repair. Depending on the age of the unit, it may be time to replace it.

  100. Check out great prices on Amazon by clinking on the links above.

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