The Best Commercial Ice Makers in 2020

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The experts at Ice Maker Geeks have investigated the commercial ice maker market to find our readers the best commercial ice machines that give you excellent quality ice for your business or home.

What data did we use to create our impressive list of commercial ice makers? We use user ratings, comments, affordability of the unit, and product quality to put together this buyers guide that will help you through the purchasing process.

the best commercial ice maker for your business

Making a big purchase can be difficult and stressful. The stress in making this type of investment is why we have eliminated from our list commercial ice makers that do not meet our standard of quality.

Now you can sit back and relax; choose the right commercial ice machine to meet your needs from our high-quality commercial ice makers on this list. Below we’re going to determine what type of ice you’re going to need for your business, how much ice you’ll need each day, and the type of commercial ice maker that is right for you.

Your business deserves the best ice maker that won’t only provide excellent quality ice but will last you for many years.

Let’s begin our comprehensive buyers guide.

What Type of Ice Do You Need?

There are three main types of ice that your business would need to consider before you purchase a commercial ice maker.

1. Nugget Ice

Nugget ice is compacted ice flakes into a nugget shaped ice piece. This ice is soft and chewable and is used mostly for restaurants or food establishments.

Nugget ice is also popular in nursing homes or healthcare facilities. In fact, nugget ice is often called sonic ice (because Sonic Drive-In popularized this type of ice) or hospital ice. This ice is great for hospitals because it’s soft, easy to chew and doesn’t cause concern for choking.

Most of the ice makers that provide nugget ice are commercial units. The Opal Portable Nugget Ice Maker is one of the only portable ice makers that produce true nugget ice.

2. Crescent Ice

Crescent ice is used for a whole bunch of different applications. You can use crescent ice for packing food for shipping, filling coolers for keeping beverages cool, or for any food establishments.

Crescent ice is small and compactable ice which makes it perfect for packing food for storage.

3. Flake Ice

Flake ice is usually used at grocery stores for perfectly displaying seafood or other types of refrigerated food. Flake ice is also great for packing because it can be compacted into any area and looks great on display.

Flake ice is often used for large fishing vessels for storing fish that is caught. In fact, large shipping boats will have a saltwater flake ice maker that pulls in water from the sea to make flake ice for storing fish for days.

4. Cubed Ice

Cubed ice is your everyday ice. This ice is used by restaurants to keep beverages cool and refreshing. Cubed ice can also come in clear or cloudy and is determined by how the ice maker freezes the ice.

With cubed ice, you can have different sized cubes. Some ice makers give you the option of half-cubed ice. These cubes are smaller and easier to handle at restaurants or bars.

5. Crushed Ice

Crushed Ice is cubed ice that is smashed into smaller pieces. Often time businesses will want to use crushed ice because it’s easier to fill a glass.

Crushed ice is often an option on most fridge ice makers.

6. Bullet-Shaped

Bullet-shaped ice is normally produced by portable ice makers. These hat-looking ice pieces are produced as water begins to freeze around a refrigerated shaft sitting in water.

Bullet-Shaped ice is often harder to chew and has a white or cloudy color.

For more information on the different types of ice, read my full post here.

How Much Ice Do You Need?

The amount of ice that you’re going to need for your business will determine the type of ice maker you should purchase. Below is a simple chart that lists the amount of ice you’re going to need for several different business applications.

Application TypeTypical Daily Ice NeededIce Needed For 100 CustomersIce Needed For 200 CustomersIce Needed For 500 CustomersIce Needed For 1000 CustomersIce Needed For 1500 Customers
Restaurant 1.5 lbs. per meal180 lbs.450 lbs. 900 lbs. 1800 lbs.2700 lbs.
Cocktail Bar3 lbs. ice per seat360 lbs.900 lbs.1800 lbs.3600 lbs.5400 lbs.
Water Glass3 lbs. ice per 12 oz. glass45 lbs.113 lbs.225 lbs.450 lbs.675 lbs.
Salad Bar35 lbs. ice per cubic foot
Beverage Only8 oz. ice per 12-24 oz. cup38 lbs.94 lbs.188 lbs.375 lbs.563 lbs.
Guest Ice5 lbs. per hotel room600 lbs.1500 lbs.3000 lbs.6000 lbs.9000 lbs.
Patient Ice10 lbs. per person1200 lbs.3000 lbs.6000 lbs.12000 lbs.18000 lbs
Cafateria1 lb. per person120 lbs. 300 lbs. 600 lbs. 1200 lbs.1800 lbs.

Now that we know what type of ice we are looking for and how much ice we need, there is only one more option that we need to consider – price.

How much money are you looking to spend? When of these factors are figured out then you can proceed below and choose from one of the best commercial ice makers on the market.

What Size Commercial Ice Maker Do You Need?

Commercial ice makers come in a variety of sizes. These size of a commercial ice maker is usually the result of two factors: the amount of ice it produces in 24 hours and the size of the storage bin.

You will have to determine how large of a unit you are going to need.

Commercial ice makers can be standalone units, undercounter units or countertop ice makers. Large countertop ice makers are used also as water dispensers and are perfect for any healthcare facility.

Before you make a choice on which commercial ice maker you want to purchase, make sure that you have the space available.

Best Commercial Ice Makers for Your Home or Business

Below are the best commercial ice makers available on the market today. We have plainly marked each feature, so that you can choose the best unit for your business.

Please note for the best results with a commercial ice maker, I suggest that you install a water filter. This will ensure that your ice is clean and always fresh for your customers. You can read about the best water filter to purchase here.

1. The Costway Commercial Ice Maker

Costway Commercial Ice Maker Review

The Costway commercial ice maker is a perfect compact and affordable ice maker for your home or business.

This ice maker produces 70 pounds of fresh ice every day. It takes about 12-18 minutes to make a batch of ice, and the ice machine will stop when the ice storage bin is full. Once you empty the ice bin, it will continue to make ice again.

This ice maker does require a water line installation (the water line is included when you purchase this ice maker) and a drain line installation (which is also included).

How much ice does it produce? 70 lbs a day
How small or compact is the unit?Weighs 68 lbs
How long does it take to make ice?12-18 Minutes
Storage Bin Capacity14 lbs
What Are the Uses for This Ice Maker?Kitchen, Bar, Restaurant, Coffee Shop
What type of ice does it create?Bullet-Shaped
Rating3.5/5 Stars
What’s the Best Price?

The outside panels of this maker is made using high-quality stainless steel, and ABS plastic forms the inside. This ice maker is strong and durable which makes it perfect for commercial use.

It’s not the largest commercial ice maker available on the market, but it’s one of the most affordable.

It’s inexpensiveBoxy Design
CompactBullet-Shaped Ice
70 Pounds of Ice Each Day

This ice maker isn’t the best looking designs for an ice maker. It’s boxy and extremely simple. I would not use this ice maker in my kitchen, but for commercial use it will do fine.

This commercial ice maker is a great quality ice maker at a terrific price. It’s a great ice maker if you’re looking for something larger than a portable unit, but don’t want to spend a whole lot more.

2. The VEVOR 110V Commercial Ice Maker

VEVOR 110V Commercial Ice Maker Review

The Vevor 110V Commerical Ice Maker is fast and efficient. It produces 88 pounds of ice every 12-18 minutes (40 clear ice cubes every cycle).

The VEVOR commercial ice maker is produced a company that exports several different kitchen products – ice makers being one of them. This company is not the manufacturer, and they do not really know much about fixing the ice maker if it needs repairs. Finding parts for these units is also a difficult chore.

You can learn more about all the different VEVOR sized commercial ice maker by reading my full review here.

The good news is that their ice makers are cheap. VEVOR sells several different size ice makers all the way to 400 pounds of ice each day.

We are not going to list any more VEVOR ice makers in this guide, but if you are looking to purchase a VEVOR commercial ice maker, and want more ice production and capacity then I would suggest you read my review here.

How much ice does it produce? 88 lbs a day
How small or compact is the unit?Weighs 68 lbs
How long does it take to make ice?12-18 Minutes
Storage Bin Capacity90 lbs
What Are the Uses for This Ice Maker?Home use, Small Bar, Small Restaurant, Coffee Shop, Church
What type of ice does it create?Clear-Cubed Ice
Rating4/5 Stars
What’s the Best Price?

The link above will take you to my review where I break down the entire VEVOR brand and give you all the commercial ice maker options that are available to you. This article will continue to focus on the VEVOR ice maker that produces 88 lbs of ice each day.

This Vevor 110V has 90 pounds of ice storage capacity. Each ice cube is the standard .9X.9″, so it’s perfect to fit into the opening of a water bottle or for any type of beverage.

It’s inexpensiveParts are Not Available
90 Pounds of Storage

It has a powerful compressor with high-temperature protection and is designed for energy savings. The compressor is a 235W SECOP compressor which is powerful and consistent.

How efficient is the VEVOR 110V commercial ice maker? Its water usage rate is 99%. This means that there is very little waste.

This ice maker also has automatic control with a full set of accessories. It gives you full control of your ice making experience by giving you the power to set ice thickness, auto clean features, and a full ice indicator.

This commercial ice maker comes with an ice scoop to help you transfer the ice, and it has built-in water filtration.

Another great feature in the VEVOR 110V is that it has an innovative blue light nano antibacterial sterilization process to help prevent bacterial growth, clean and fresh ice is their priority, and that’s what you get with this unit.

This commercial ice maker has a wide variety of applications. It works great in campgrounds, coffee shops, any party gatherings, homes, restaurants, bars, hotels, grocery stores, and so many more uses.

It’s built with stainless steel, and is rust resistant which means it’s going to be working well for a very long time. This highly-rated unit has an excellent price tag, and with all the features that are available to you – it’s a great deal.

>> Read my FULL review of the VEVOR 110V Commercial Ice Maker

3. The Costway Commercial Ice Maker

Costway Commercial Ice Maker Review

This Costway Commercial Ice Maker produces 88 lbs of ice every day, and it also features a compact design (Built-in or freestanding application). It works with a regular household electrical current, and it’s UL approved for commercial use.

The viewing window, that’s lit by a LED light, allows you to see how much ice is available in the 8.8 pound storage bin.

This unit is high-efficiency and is equipped with a lot of great features. If the ice storage is full, then the unit will switch to ice preservation mode. This is designed to keep your ice available for a longer period of time. When ice is removed from the storage bin, then it will start to make ice again.

How much ice does it produce? 88 lbs a day
How small or compact is the unit?Weighs 40 lbs
How long does it take to make ice?12-18 Minutes
Storage Bin Capacity8.8 lbs
What Are the Uses for This Ice Maker?Home use, Small Bar, Small Restaurant, Coffee Shop, Church, bakeries
What type of ice does it create?Cubed Ice
Rating3.5/5 Stars
What’s the Best Price? |

The unit is user-friendly, and installation is straightforward. It has a self-cleaning feature, and a smart panel which is designed to make operation simple.

It’s inexpensiveControls Can Be Difficult to Understand
Sleek Design

The machine is quiet to run, so you won’t mind if it’s making ice all night.

It’s also reasonably priced and has good customer satisfaction. This ice maker is perfect for bakeries, bars, restaurants, and even household use.

4. The Manitowoc UYF-0140A

The Manitowoc UYF-0140A Review

The Manitowoc Commerical Ice Maker is a beast of an ice maker. This ice maker is designed to fit nicely under any counter, and it ensures that your customers will never have to wait for ice.

This ice maker is air-cooled which combines maximum ice making production with user-friendly controls. The simple controls include: “power”, “Delay”, and “clean.” The delay feature allows you to pause the unit for 4, 12 or 24 hours which is perfect for slow times in your business.

How much ice does it produce? 137 lbs a day
Storage Bin Capacity90 lbs
What Are the Uses for This Ice Maker?Great for small to medium sized businesses
What type of ice does it create?Half-Cubed
Rating4.5/5 Stars
PriceAverage priced
What’s the Best Price?

It produces over 137 lbs of half-dice ice every 24 hours. When the ice is produced, it falls into a storage bin that can hold 90 pounds of ice at one time.

This ice maker is built to last and perform. It features an easy-clean design which means several parts come off the unit without any tools – this makes for an easy-clean process.

High-QualitySmaller Storage
Trusted Brand
Sleek Design
Easy to Clean
No side venting

This ice maker is great for any small or medium sized business.

Restaurants and bars will love its simple functions and the low design which makes it easy to tuck away where no one even knows it’s there.

If you are looking at producing a lot of ice, then you may want to look into purchasing an ice storage bin for your business. The Manitowoc B-320 Ice Bin is a great choice and this will allow your ice maker to keep making ice during the slow times so that you always have ice available when times get busy.

If you would like to learn more about the Manitowoc B-320 Ice Bin then click here and head over to Amazon to learn more.

5. The Ice-O-Matic ICEU220HA

The Ice-O-Matic ICEU220HA Review

Sometimes you don’t have much room to place your ice maker, and this is where the Ice-O-Matic shines.

This space-saving 24.5” wide, undercounter designed unit, is perfect for any busy business (26.3 x 24.5 x 39 inches).

This ice maker produces 238 lbs of ice every 24 hours, and can store 70 lbs of ice at one time. The Ice-O-Matic ICEU220HA is made from corrosion-resistant stainless steel and fingerprint-proof plastic. It’s compact, but it’s also powerful enough to get the job done.

How much ice does it produce? 238 lbs a day
Storage Bin Capacity70 lbs
What Are the Uses for This Ice Maker?Great for busy bars, restaurants, cafe’s or medium business
What type of ice does it create?half-size cube
Rating4.5/5 Stars
PriceMedium Priced
What’s the Best Price?

Fresh, clean ice is important, and that is why this ice maker is built-in with antimicrobial protection called Pure Ice®. This keeps bacteria from growing on the surfaces of the ice maker and ensures that your ice is clean and the your customers don’t get ice that’s dirty or tastes terrible.

High-QualitySmaller Storage
A Trusted Brand
Antimicrobial Protection
Easy to Clean

This ice maker is built well, and overall is a great choice. It’s manufactured from a trusted name in ice makers, and has a great customer satisfaction rate. We recommend this ice maker to anyone that needs over 200 lbs of ice each day, but is still looking for a compact unit.

6. The Manitowoc IDT0450A

Manitowoc IDT0450A Review

The Manitowoc IDTO450A is a beast ice maker that’s a perfect choice or someone that’s looking to purchase a commercial ice maker for their hotel.

Hotels use a lot of ice each day, and will need a large unit to keep up with that demand. This Manitowoc ice maker is made to handle high-demands of ice on a daily bases.

It produces 450 pounds of ice each day. This is enough ice to provide ice for 200 customers in a restaurant setting or provide ice for 75 rooms at your hotel.

This ice maker has several storage bins that you can add to it. The D570 Storage Bin stores 532 pounds of ice at one time and the D400 stores 365 pounds of ice at once.

This isn’t just a beast because of it’s size, its a beast because of its ability. It uses 23% less water than other ice makers its size. This means that the cost of operation is significantly less than other commercial ice makers. This ice maker comes with stainless steel with DuraTech clear-coat which will resist fingerprints. The ice maker is fully programmable with a icon-based touchscreen.

How much ice does it produce? 450 lbs a day
Storage Bin CapacityD570 Storage Bin (Stores 532 Lbs)
What Are the Uses for This Ice Maker?Great for Hotels
What type of ice does it create?half-size cube
Rating4.5/5 Stars
PricePriced Higher
What’s the Best Price?

Another great feature is that this ice maker is easy to clean. The machine itself is easy to dissemble – comes with a removable water trough, water probe, water pump, curtain, and distribution tube.

High-QualitySeparate Storage Bin
A Trusted Brand
Large Production

The Manitowoc IDTO450A produces diced-cubed ice (Size 7⁄8″ x 7⁄8″ x 7⁄8”) which means that the ice comes in a perfect ice for hotels, restaurants or any type of business.

7. The Scotsman UN324A-1

Scotsman UN324A-1 Review

This Scotsman commercial ice maker features an air-cooled condensing unit that produces 340 pounds of nugget ice each day. It’s storage ice bin holds 80 pounds of wonderful nugget ice.

This ice maker is a compact unit that measures 24 in (W) x 28 1/2 in (D) x 39 in (H). It’s size is perfect for placing under the counter of your business so that the ice maker is out of sight.

High-QualityHigher Priced
A Trusted Brand for Nugget Ice
Nugget Ice

This ice maker is easy to operate. It comes with a simple-to-use control panel to ensure that you ice maker is functioning as it should. The reliable, low-maintenance, greaseless bearing is also a plus with the Scotsman UN32A-1, so it’s a worry-free operation.

How much ice does it produce? 340 lbs a day
Storage Bin Capacity70 lbs
What Are the Uses for This Ice Maker?Great for nursing homes or healthcare establishments
What type of ice does it create?Chewable Nugget Ice
Rating4.5/5 Stars
PricePriced Higher
What’s the Best Price?

This ice maker is perfect for any nursing home because it serves soft nugget ice that isn’t a choking hazard. The 340 pounds of nugget ice each day is perfect for about 50 patients, if you’re looking at providing 10 pounds of ice for each person.

The unit is front vented, and comes with an easy slide-back door that keeps your ice frozen longer. The installation isn’t hard, you need to install a water line and a drain line for the unit and you’re ready to go. I recommend that you hire a professional to help you install this ice maker if you’re not comfortable with plumbing.

8. Hoshizaki F-330BAJ

The Hoshizaki F-330BAJ Review

The Hoshizaki F-330BAJ is a commercial ice maker from the Japanese company Hoshizaki corporation. This company has been producing state-of-the-art ice makers for a long time. It’s a trusted, reliable brand.

This ice maker produces flaked ice which is a soft, light, chewable ice that’s perfect for your business. It makes 330 pounds of ice each day and comes with an ice storage bin that holds 80 pounds at one time.

This ice maker is totally vented from the front of the unit. It takes air in from the front and pushes the air out from the front as well. This means that it can be enclosed and it’s not going to affect the air flow of the unit.

Keeping your ice maker clean can be a big job, but with the Hoshizaki you don’t have to overthink it. This machine will cycle a 2 second rinse every hour to make sure that it’s free from sediment build-up.

How much ice does it produce? 330 lbs a day
Storage Bin Capacity80 lbs
What Are the Uses for This Ice Maker?Grocery stores, markets, churches, deli’s and cafe’s
What type of ice does it create?Flake Ice
Rating4.0/5 Stars
PricePriced Higher
What’s the Best Price?

Flaked ice is used most of the time for keeping food fresh. Foods like fish and poultry are chilled at stores with flaked ice because it’s proven overall to keep food cooler quicker and longer. This is why most grocery stores depend on flake ice in their meat and produce departments.

High-QualityHigher Priced
A Trusted Brand
Flaked Ice
Large Capacity

The Hoshizaki flake ice maker is a great ice maker for your business. It’s relatable and powerful to get the job done.

9. Scotsman HID312A-1

The Scotsman HID312A-1 is a perfect commercial countertop ice maker for any office, nursing home or healthcare facilities. It produces 260 pounds of beautiful nugget ice every 24 hours and has a capacity of 12 pounds of ice at one time.

This ice maker comes in a high-quality stainless steel design, with a durable stainless steel evaporator and exterior panels.

How much ice does it produce? 260 lbs a day
Storage Bin Capacity12 lbs
What Are the Uses for This Ice Maker?Offices, nursing homes, healthcare facilities
What type of ice does it create?Nugget Ice
Rating4.0/5 Stars
PricePriced Higher
What’s the Best Price?

This unit has the power of a commercial ice maker, but it’s built compact which maximizes your space. The ice maker comes with greaseless bearings which saves time with maintenance. To help you keep your ice maker running the way that it should there are intuitive LED diagnostic lights that tell you exactly what your unit is doing or any errors that may occur.

High-QualitySometime Sprays Water
A Trusted Brand
Water Dispenser
260 Pounds of Ice
Easy to Clean

At the rear of the unit, you will find a USB port which is used to upgrade the firmware of the unit. This should make you happy because Scotsman is continually working to make this commercial ice maker better.

You are now able to fill your glass with delicious nugget ice and then fill it with refreshing water. This ice maker is easy to operate, and with the removable sink and grill it’s also easy to clean.


We have listed the best commercial ice makers for your home and business. These units are best in quality, price and customer satisfaction. You can click on the link and head over to Amazon to read more about these ice makers and check out their reviews.

Did we miss one? Let us know in the comment section below if we missed an ice maker that you believe is one of the best. If you have any comments or questions then you can add them below as well.

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