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The Best Clear Ice Makers of 2020

Have you ever noticed when you get ice from your favorite restaurant that their ice is clear, but the ice from your ice cube tray is cloudy and murky? Why is it when we make ice from home it doesn’t have that same elegant look as restaurant ice?When you’re making drinks for friends and family, ...

Is An Ice Cream Maker Worth It?

I assume because you're reading this post that you are interested in knowing if you should take the leap and purchase an ice cream maker for your home. You weighed all the pros and cons in your mind, but you're still not convinced whether or not you should purchase one. So many ...

Can You Put Bagged Ice in Your Drinks?

We have all done it. Used bagged ice for our beverages on those unbearably hot summer days. We may have done it without even thinking - should I do this? Is this ice good for me? In this article, we're going to answer all those questions, and determine if bagged ice can safely go in your ...

The Best Countertop Ice Makers With a Water Line

Portable ice makers are great, but they do have one downside. You always have to keep filling them with water. There may be even times that you forget to fill the unit with water, and you open the lid to get some ice, and it's empty! What a drag.The best solution to this problem is to ...

Can You Leave a Portable Ice Maker On?

I’v owned a portable ice maker for years now, and I use it every day. Portable ice makers are a great way of having ice for your friends and family without spending a lot of money. I would say that the number one reason I decided to purchase a portable ice maker is because of the price. Even ...

The Best Ice Maker for Ice Baths

After a hard workout, athletes will take what they call an ice bath, cold-water immersion, or cold therapy. This is when they get into a tub of ice for a limited time. I know what you’re thinking - but they claim that this works well.Even though this practice is sometimes frowned on by some ...

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5 Ice Makers That Keep Your Ice Frozen

There are so many different ice makers that sometimes it’s hard to keep them all straight. So many different features, sizes and uses.In this article, we’re going to discuss the storage of ice in portable ice makers and determine which ice maker may be right for you.Do Portable Ice Makers ...

5 Different Types of Ice Machines

We live in a great country that affords us the privilege of enjoying ice in so many places we go to each day. In this modern technological age, we can have ice makers even in our homes. There are not only different types of ice makers but also different types of ice that come from those ice ...

Are Portable Ice Makers Worth It?

Almost five years ago was when my wife and I decided to go out and purchase a portable ice maker. It was a hot summer day, and I wanted to get an ice maker so that I could relax in the sun with a refreshing beverage in my hand.There are several types of ice makers that are available on the ...

Are You Eating Bad Ice?

You read it all over the internet. People insist that ice maker ice will make you sick and that you should stay clear of it. Media outlets have given us the perception that all hotel and restaurant ice is dirty and should be avoided like the plague.Is this true? Should you stay away from ice ...

How Long Should Your Mini Fridge Last?

Mini fridges are an excellent investment for your home or office. They are compact enough to stay out of your way, but useful enough that they’re definitely worth the investment.If you are looking to purchase a mini refrigerator, then you're probably wondering how long do mini fridges last? ...

Best Countertop Ice Maker Reviews of 2020

You don’t have the budget or the time to purchase and test every portable ice maker that’s on the market today. That’s why it’s important to read reliable sources like to help you out.We're here to help you make an informed decision on which countertop ice maker you should ...

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Top Ice Shavers in 2020 for Your Home

Do you love crushed ice cocktails, snow cones, or fancy desserts?If you do, then you will definitely be happy to know that you no longer have to rush to a nearby restaurant to get a taste of your favorite dessert, snow cones, slushies, or ice cocktails. This is because there are now dozens of ...

Luma Comfort IM200SS Review

It's no secret that we all enjoy ice-cold drinks, particularly during those hot days. Whether you are looking to create a sumptuous cocktail or simply want to enjoy a chilled soft drink, adding ice will elevate your drink to a whole new level.Some individuals create their own ice using an ...

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IKICH Portable Ice Maker Review

If you are looking for a reliable ice maker for your boat, camping trip, business, or home, then the IKICH portable ice maker may be the right choice for you.It’s a compact unit that offers some great features.IKICH PORTABLE ICE MAKER FEATURES The IKICH Portable Ice Maker is made ...

Best Compact Freezers to Save You Space

Modern living would be pretty difficult without refrigerators and freezers, am I right? Imagine not being able to preserve food, to have a cold drink, or to enjoy cold ice cream during the summer. Sounds tough, I know.However, not everyone has freezer space for regular-sized freezers ...

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