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Best Freezers for Hunters

When you butcher wild game, you will likely have more meat available than you can eat at one meal. You'll want to preserve the rest of the meat for later use. We know that you never want to experience any mess (Such as blood leaking all over the freezer and the other meat) which could happen ...

Are Mini-Fridges Safe in a Bedroom?

Refrigerators have become a common household feature of a modern family. It provides a secure and efficient way to store edibles and helps them to stay fresh by using a technology that reduces the bacterial growth in the food items. It helps in keeping food fresh for a longer period of time, ...

Best Mini Fridges for Bottled Water or Other Beverages

From wet bars, garages, college dorm rooms to high-rise offices, miniature refrigerators have become a common appliance because of their compact design and versatility. With a mini-fridge, you can always have a cold drink at your fingertips. Putting a mini-fridge in a media room, man cave, ...

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How Does A Portable Ice Maker Work?

Nowadays, almost everyone across the developed world is pretty much used to refrigerators and freezers. This is because these machines are common in many households. Many people also know what these machines do and their uses.  However, the case is different with portable ice makers; many ...

How to Clean a Commercial Ice Maker

Commercial ice makers are needed for making ice quickly in hotels, restaurants, bars, and even hospitals. They are very important especially in the food-service business where they are frequently used to preserve foods such as fish and to serve icy cocktails, smoothies, and other drinks.  ...

Ice Cream Ball review

The other day, I was doing some research on cool ideas for our upcoming camping adventure, and I came across the novel concept of the ice cream ball. If you’re not familiar with how ice cream balls work, you add an ice cream mixture to a plastic ball, and then tell your kids to kick ...

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Euhomy Ice Maker Review

There are so many reasons why you should consider purchasing a portable ice maker for your home. Portable ice makers produce 20-50 lbs of ice each day which gives you more than enough to supply yourself and family with cold, refreshing ice. A freezer ice make, that’s built into your fridge, will ...

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Best Portable Ice Makers for Under $100

There are so many different types of countertop Ice Makers on the market today that it's hard to know which one is the best and which one will do what you need it to do. Not all portable ice makers are created equal - that's for sure. Spending a lot of money on an ice maker maybe not the ...

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