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Best Compact Freezers to Save You Space

Modern living would be pretty difficult without refrigerators and freezers, am I right?  Imagine not being able to preserve food, to have a cold drink, or to enjoy cold ice cream during the summer. Sounds tough, I know. However, not everyone has freezer space for regular-sized freezers ...

Totally Black and White Dessert

You are absolutely going to fall in love with this cookie and cream frozen dessert. This dessert is so easy to make, yet it’s also so satisfying. This is a great straight-out-of-the-freezer dessert that everyone is going to love. It’s a very rich dessert so I would pair it with a hot cup of ...

Fruity Ice-Scream Dessert

We all love a healthy snack. More than just a snack or dessert being good for us - we love it when it’s tasty too! What about snacks that our kids love to eat that are really good for them. This recipe is one of those desserts that taste amazing, but is really fresh, light and overall good for ...

Ice Cubes Recipe: Take Some Time to Laugh Today!

The other day I was doing some research for Ice Maker and Geeks and came across a funny recipe on It’s a recipe on how to make ice using a simple ice cube tray - and it’s hilarious! The person that submitted the recipe said that they added it so that their kids (or ...

How Long Does Cooked Chicken Last in the Fridge?

Have you ever cooked some chicken, eaten until you're full and then put the excess in the fridge? It was days later when you realized that the chicken was still in the fridge, and wondered if it's still good to eat. Maybe this is why you're on this page right now. How long does cooked chicken last ...

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