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10 Awesome Freezer Tips You Need Today

Most people have a freezer in their home. Most of us do not realize that our freezer is a great resource that can help us save time and money. I've have put together some great freezer tricks and tips to help you do just that. I think we can all agree that we all want to be better prepared ...

The Best Ice Cleats For Ice Fishing

Every year, a couple of friends and myself, take some time off work and head up North, ice fishing. Sometimes we can get a little competitive on which one of us catches the biggest fish - but it's all friendly jesting, to say the least. Last year when we went ice fishing, the ice was ...

The Best Marine Coolers With A Cushion Seat

Ice Maker Geeks has been busy again helping you find the best products to keep your beverages cold. When you're on your boat in the middle of the lake, it's so important to have a quality cooler that keeps your drinks cold so that you can stay hydrated. To solve two problems with one ...

Best Whiskey Ice Molds for 2019

Now that you have selected your drink of choice, don't waste it by using second-grade ice. Ice Maker Geeks has done their homework and we've created for you a list of the best whiskey or cocktail ice molds on the market today. Choosing that perfect ice mold is not an easy task. There are so many ...

hOmeLabs Portable Ice Maker Review

Portable ice makers are beneficial to our life. There are lots of reasons why people would purchase a portable ice maker. They are perfect to take you on that exciting camping trip, or use it aboard your RV, your boat, bring it along with you to parties or any family gatherings. Even everyday ...

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Ice Chips Review: Candy Made with Xylitol

Ice Chips are all-natural candy made with xylitol and come in 24 delicious flavors. Bev Vine-Hanes and Charlotte Clary Ice Candy was created by Bev Vine-Hanes and Charlotte Clary, two ladies who have been working together in business since the '80s. THE PRODUCT These candies are not ...

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