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Is Nugget Ice Good for Coolers?

Ice in recent years has become something huge. Beverage fanatics treat evenly cut ice like the holy grail. Aside from its refreshing effect, it also gives an extra soothing effect. There are several types of ice, while you have the big cube ice, there are also finely cut ones.  Nugget ice ...

NewAir Countertop Ice Maker Reviews & Coupons

There several reasons why owning a portable ice maker is a good idea. Want to learn if a portable ice maker is worth it? Find out here. Supplying ice to your guests at a BBQ, a party with friends and family, or just supplying ice for your everyday needs, a portable ice maker is an excellent ...

Scotsman Ice Maker Review

Scotsman ice machines have been on the market for a long time. They're not the cheapest ice maker brand available, but they do have an exceptional reputation for being one of the best ice maker manufacturers around. In this post, we're going to determine if you should purchase a Scotsman ice ...

The Best Countertop Ice Makers With a Water Line

Portable ice makers are great, but they do have one downside. You always have to keep filling them with water.  There may be even times that you forget to fill the unit with water, and you open the lid to get some ice, and it's empty! What a drag. The best solution to this problem is to ...

Can You Leave a Portable Ice Maker On?

I’v owned a portable ice maker for years now, and I use it every day. Portable ice makers are a great way of having ice for your friends and family without spending a lot of money.  I would say that the number one reason I decided to purchase a portable ice maker is because of the price. Even ...

The Best Ice Maker for Ice Baths

After a hard workout, athletes will take what they call an ice bath, cold-water immersion, or cold therapy. This is when they get into a tub of ice for a limited time. I know what you’re thinking - but they claim that this works well. Even though this practice is sometimes frowned on by some ...

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Best Compact Freezers to Save You Space

Modern living would be pretty difficult without refrigerators and freezers, am I right?  Imagine not being able to preserve food, to have a cold drink, or to enjoy cold ice cream during the summer. Sounds tough, I know. However, not everyone has freezer space for regular-sized freezers ...

hOmeLabs Portable Ice Maker Review

Portable ice makers are beneficial to our life. There are lots of reasons why people would purchase a portable ice maker. They are perfect to take you on that exciting camping trip, or use it aboard your RV, your boat, bring it along with you to parties or any family gatherings. Even everyday ...

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5 Reasons Why I Love My Portable Ice Maker

​If you are on the fence about purchasing a portable ice maker for your office, home bar, or RV, then this is the place for you. I have had a portable ice maker for several years now, and I love using it. I do not just use my portable ice maker in the summertime, I use it all year around - and ...

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