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Luma Comfort IM200SS Review

It's no secret that we all enjoy ice-cold drinks, particularly during those hot days. Whether you are looking to create a sumptuous cocktail or simply want to enjoy a chilled soft drink, adding ice will elevate your drink to a whole new level.Some individuals create their own ice using an ...

hOmeLabs Portable Ice Maker Review

Portable ice makers are beneficial to our life. There are lots of reasons why people would purchase a portable ice maker. They are perfect to take you on that exciting camping trip, or use it aboard your RV, your boat, bring it along with you to parties or any family gatherings. Even everyday ...

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Ice Chips Review: Candy Made with Xylitol

Ice Chips are all-natural candy made with xylitol and come in 24 delicious flavors.Bev Vine-Hanes and Charlotte ClaryIce Candy was created by Bev Vine-Hanes and Charlotte Clary, two ladies who have been working together in business since the '80s.THE PRODUCTThese candies are not ...