KBice Self-Dispensing Countertop Nugget Ice Maker Review

Recently, I got my hands on the KBgoodice, which is a self-dispensing nugget ice maker that’s compact and fits perfectly on my countertop. KBice sent me a sample to try out, and share the results with my readers.

This ice maker allows you to enjoy the benefit of soft, chewable nugget ice without ever handing the ice yourself with an ice scoop – just hit a button, and your glass will be full of nugget ice.

Ice dispensers are great for public places because it keeps people from actually handling the ice themselves, which means germs and bacteria won’t spread.

The KBgoodice is not only a self-dispensing ice maker, it also produces nugget ice.

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Nugget ice has a lot of different names these days. It’s often called sonic ice, pebble ice, chewable ice, or (of course) nugget ice. This type of ice is soft and easy to chew. It’s also porous and absorbs the flavor of your beverage so you can enjoy that flavor, right down to the last piece of ice.

Nugget ice is the perfect ice for healthcare or seniors because it’s soft and easier to chew.

We’re going to break down all of the features of the KBgoodice in this review, and determine if this is an ice maker you should purchase.

The KBice Company 

I reached out to KB!ce to get the inside scoop of this new company, and it turns out they are not new at all. They have been producing ice makers and ice dispensing systems for the top OEM’s for over 15 years.

There are literally millions of products on the market created by KBice or at least their parent company. So they know all about ice makers and how they operate.

They decided that now would be an excellent time to launch their own product – a self-dispensing nugget ice maker.

KBgoodice Self-Dispensing Ice Maker

As mentioned above, KBice send me their new self-dispensing nugget ice maker, to test it out and report to you how it works overall.

I have been sent several nugget ice makers to test out over the years, but this is the first unit that dispenses nugget ice, fits on my countertop, and doesn’t cost thousands of dollars.

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There are much larger ice makers (Manitowoc RNS20A, Scotsman HID525A1) that dispense nugget ice and are countertop units, but these units cost a ton of money (3k-7k). Now, they do produce a lot of more nugget ice each day (like 500 pounds a day).

This self-dispensing ice maker is more affordable and it’s perfect for your home.


The KBgoodice is a simple but elegant looking ice maker. It made with a plastic construction, and imitation stainless steel on the front panel.

The ice maker has a small drip on the front of the unit that attaches by magnets. The drip tray isn’t large, some may suggest a larger drip tray would be better, but it works well. I have used this ice maker for more than 2 weeks and never had an issue with the drip tray.

KBgoodice design
KBgoodice drip tray
KBgoodice door that attaches with magnets

There is a removable (attaches with magnets) panel on the front of the ice maker, which gives you access to the water reservoir. The front panel also has two flaps or small doors to place a funnel (included with the ice maker), and this is used for adding water.

I found that this ice maker was perfect for fitting under your cabinets. Most portable ice makers have a lid that needs to be lifted, in order to gain access to the water reservoir. The KBgoodice isn’t like other portable ice makers, you can add water from the simple access door on the front.

filling up the KBgoodice with water

On the front panel, you’ll find four light indicators: cleaning, water level, power, and making ice. The front panel also has three buttons: clean, dispense nuggets and make nuggets.

It’s a pretty straightforward design which translates into simple operation.

Of course, the ice maker has a dispensing nozzle on the front of the unit. This is where the KBgoodice shines, because it’s easy to get your nugget ice – just press the button “dispense nuggets.”

Dispense nugget ice with the KBgoodice machine

On the left side of the unit, you’ll find an air vent cut unto the plastic side panel. The back of the unit is also very simple, you’ll see two water drains that have a quick-attach mechanism which makes it easy to disconnect and drain water into the sink. These drain hoses will empty the unit of water and makes it easy for transport or cleaning.

drains on the back of the KBgoodice nugget ice dispenser
Draining the KBgoodice self-dispensing ice maker

My overall thought on design is that it’s made with cheaper materials than other countertop nugget ice makers, but it’s put together and designed well.

Although it’s built with plastic and imitation stainless steel, it’s still a classy looking unit and looks good in my kitchen.

The size of the unit is 16 inches deep, 17.5 inches high and 12 inches wide.


The KBgoodice nugget ice maker produces 24 pounds of nugget ice every day.

It’s going to start producing nugget ice in about 30 minutes. I found that you’re going to need the full 30 minutes before you’ll any ice.

a  nugget ice dispenser that produces soft nugget ice.

The ice produced was soft, chewable, and tasted great. The ice began to soak up the flavor of my beverage right away, and I got to enjoy it right down to the last piece of ice.

I also thought that setting up the ice maker and operating it was easy and quick.

This ice maker doesn’t need to be near a sink or water supply. It has a water reservoir that feeds the ice maker with water throughout the day. The indicator light will notify you when the ice maker needs more water. Using the provided funnel, you fill the unit until it begins to beep and starts the ice cycle. Really easy to operate.

The KBgoodice has a self-cleaning mode which keeps the ice maker clean and your ice tasting great. You hold in the self-cleaning button (on the front panel) for 3 seconds. The indictor light will come on and you’ll begin to hear the water push through the unit.

It’s real easy to use, and having it means you’ll always have clean, great tasting ice.

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No one wants to purchase an ice maker that’s difficult to operate. I get emails all of the time from individuals that purchase an ice maker, but have no idea how to use it properly.

Filling the ice maker with water is extremely simple. You use the provided funnel and pour the water into the water reservoir until you hear the unit beep several times. After the water reservoir is topped up, the ice maker will start the ice cycle again.

This is really all you have to do throughout the day to keep the ice maker producing ice, keep the water level to the fill line. When the ice maker runs low on water, the indicator light will begin to blink blue. The ice cycle will also stop when the ice maker’s storage bin is full. To begin the ice cycle again, just fill a glass with ice.

It’s easy to fill your glass with ice, and it’s really nice not needing to use an ice scoop. Place your glass under the dispenser and hit the “dispense nuggets” button. You don’t have to push the button hard; in fact, you don’t have to push it at all. There seems to be a sensor that when your finger is just in front of the button, it activates and begins to dispense the ice.

Your glass will fill with ice within a couple of seconds and you’ll be enjoying a COLD, refreshing beverage moments after that.

The ice maker isn’t the quietest unit on the market (I have tried several nugget ice makers and they are all the same). In the beginning, you’re going to hear water running and a light hum as the unit begins making nugget ice. Further on in the process, you’ll hear the compressor, which is a little loud.

Overall Verdict

I enjoyed using the KBgoodice nugget ice self-dispensing ice maker.

It was easy to operate, looked good on my countertop, and allowed me to have nugget ice whenever I wanted it.

Because the storage bin isn’t the largest, it didn’t give us enough ice for our family of five at supper time; someone usually came up a little short. For dispensing ice throughout the day, it worked flawlessly. 

This ice maker would be great for a home bar or a man cave. I also think it would be a good fit for church kitchens, small office lunchrooms, or small waiting rooms. I set the ice maker up in my kitchen, and it’s a perfect fit. 

I see my family members all the time, stopping by and filling their glass with nugget ice. 

Getting Nugget Ice from the KBgoodice self-dispensing ice maker

I believe it’s a solid offering from the KBice company, and if you are looking for an ice maker that dispenses nugget ice and don’t want to spend thousands of dollars, then this is a good unit for you.

KBice Self-Dispensing Nugget Ice Maker

Now you can enjoy nugget ice at home. This self-dispensing nugget ice maker will produce 24 pounds of nugget ice each day, and will store 1 pounds of ice at home. With a simple push of a button, your glass will be full with soft, chewable ice.

8 Total Score
An Affordable Self-Dispensing Nugget Ice Maker for your Home

It’s more than a countertop nugget ice maker, although it’s great that it is, it’s also a self-dispensing nugget ice maker. This unit produces 24 pounds of nugget ice each day and dispenses right in your glass without the use of an ice scoop.

Design and Functionality
  • Self-Dispenser
  • Produces 24 pounds of nugget ice
  • Self-Cleaning Function
  • Easy to operate
  • Don’t have to lift a lid to fill with water
  • No installation needed
  • Made with cheaper materials
  • A little loud
User Rating: 4.67 (3 votes)

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