NewAir AI-215R Review

If you are looking for a premium portable ice maker that has a large output of ice, then you need to keep reading this review. 

The NewAir AI-215R portable ice maker is a perfect ice maker for parties, family gatherings, weddings, and so many other occasions.

Enjoy the advantages of fresh ice whenever you want it with this elegant red portable ice maker. In this review, I’ll discuss the many features of this portable ice maker. I’m going to explain what I like about this unit, what I don’t like, and if you should purchase it for your home or business. 

Let’s get to it. 


There are several features of the NewAir AI-215R that are worth mentioning. First of all, this ice maker produces 50 lbs of ice every day. Fifty pounds of ice is the most that any portable ice maker produces, to get more ice, you would have to purchase a commercial ice maker.

  • Produces 50 lbs of ice every 24 hours
  • Produces 12 pieces of ice in 7 minutes
  • Three ice sizes to choose from
  • Has a self-cleaning feature
  • Sensors automatically shut down the unit when the storage bin is full, or the water reservoir is empty
  • Has an 18-hour timer
  • Weighs 37.6 pounds
  • Easy to operate
  • No installation
  • Start making ice in just minutes

It offers three sizes of bullet-shaped ice: small, medium and large. The small pieces of ice fit perfectly into a water bottle which is great for keeping your beverage cold while you jog or walk. 

NewAir Portable Ice Maker With a closed cover

The ice cycle only takes about 7 mins (12 pieces of ice every 7 minutes). The quick ice cycle means that you don’t have to wait for a long time to get ice for your drink. When storage bin is full of ice, the ice maker will automatically shut off. This is also true when the water reservoir is empty. 

One of the things I really like about this unit is that it is equipped with a self-cleaning feature. It also has an 18-hour timer, just set the timer and the ice maker will run for that set time. 

The NewAir AI-215R comes with a drain spout on the side of the ice maker to make draining out the water from the water reservoir quick and easy.


I like the look of this unit. The bright red brings a modern, stylish look to my kitchen. This ice maker also comes in stainless steel (I have added a link to the stainless steel unit on Amazon, click to see if you like it better than the red), if you’re looking for a more elegant look in your kitchen or if you want to match your other appliances then this may be your best choice.

It’s a compact design, but I find that the ice maker is pretty heavy (9.2 Kg). It’s not designed to be moved around the house. If you are looking for an ice maker for camping or your RV, click on the links provided.


This portable ice maker is more than the other portable ice makers on the market, but I believe it’s worth the extra money. Most portable ice makers offer 28 lbs of ice production while this ice maker doubles that amount. 

Having too much ice is always better than not having enough ice. This ice maker produces ice fast, so you’re always prepared for guests dropping by. 


I have to be honest; I enjoy using the NewAir AL-215R. I love having lots of ice available all day, and how fast this ice maker produces ice.

It’s easy to clean. I enjoy the different size ice, and the design and color look great. 


I guess what I didn’t like about this ice maker was that it’s heavy. It’s a portable ice maker, but it’s tough to move it around, and I recommend that you find a home for it and leave it there. 


NewAir Portable Ice Maker With a open cover

This ice maker is definitely a thumbs up. 

If you can afford the added cost for this unit, then I would make the investment. It’s not going to be a good ice maker for camping (click on the links to see the best ice makers for camping and your RV), an RV or a boat (because of its weight), but I can see this ice maker being a great addition to a cottage or cabin. It’s also a great portable maker for a home or small business.

Thanks for reading my post. You can click on the link provided to head over to Amazon and find the best price for this ice maker. If you have any questions or comments about the NewAir AI-215R, please add them to the comment section below.

8.6 Total Score
A Portable Ice Maker That Produces 50 Pounds of Ice Each Day!

This portable ice maker is a beast! It produces 50 lbs of ice every 24 hours. This unit is a perfect machine for large families or small businesses.

  • Great Design
  • Produces 50 lbs of ice each day
  • Self-Cleaning
  • Affordable
  • Heavy
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Newair 50 lb. Portable Ice Maker

The NewAir AI-215R is the perfect ice maker for your home. It produces 50 pounds of Ice every day.
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The NewAir AI-215R is the perfect ice maker for your home. It produces 50 pounds of Ice every day.
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