Note: Before you clean your ice maker, make sure that you read the instructions for your specific unit. The instructions should be provided in the owners manual.

#1. Unplug Your Portable Ice Maker Before You Begin

When cleaning your portable ice maker, you want to make sure that you turn off the unit, and that it's unplugged.

#2. Drain All the Water Out of the Reservoir

At the bottom of your portable ice maker, you're going to notice a small plug. On my portable ice maker, it's a small screw cap with a little plastic plug inside the drain hole.

#3. Remove the Ice Basket and the Ice Scoop

Remove the ice basket from inside the ice maker, and the ice scoop. You can place these items to the side until we are done cleaning the unit.

#4. Wash Your Portable Ice Maker

Next, use some warm water with a cleaning solution to clean your ice maker. I recommend that you use Nu-Calgon Ice Machine Cleaning Solution to do the job right. I added a link to Amazon with an amazing price to help you out.

#5. Run Through the Ice Cycle

After you're done washing down your ice maker, put the ice basket back into your unit and make sure that the drain plug is securely in place. Next, plug your ice maker back into the outlet, and turn on your unit. Pour the cleaning solution into your ice maker and make a batch of ice.

#6. Rinse and Then Rinse Again

With the drain plug removed from the ice maker, pour fresh water into the water reservoir only to be drained into a bucket or your sink. You can repeat this step several times before finally putting the drain plug back into the ice maker securely and start making ice once again.

#7. Done.

That's all. Your ice maker should be clean and producing fresh ice.  Every ice maker is different, and you should always refer to the user manual before cleaning.